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The rise in the global cryptocurrency market is a story that has been at the center stage of the financial world for quite some time now. In terms of market capitalization, it has again crossed the figure of 1.6 trillion, with more than 10,000 crypto assets up for trade across more than 380 exchanges. 


Any burgeoning market brings with it a need for structuralization. Regulators, authorities, governments, and investors require the market to follow certain rules of the game so that there is no unpredictability. Unpredictability leads to volatility; and volatility, in the long run, is not something that helps to build trust and credibility. 


The explosive surge in the blockchain and cryptocurrency market has made regulatory authorities worldwide take notice of what’s going on and resulted in enhanced efforts to import a method and structure to its proceedings. Bull Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Law firm help crypto companies deal with the legal requirements. Since most of the crypto founders belong to the area of technology and innovation, it proves an immensely helpful service for them to have a dedicated team of experts handling the legal side.

Bull Blockchain: Addressing a Wide Spectrum of Crypto Legal Needs


The founders of Bull blockchain & cryptocurrency law firm come with the experience of running crypto mining firms and digital investment firms. This leads them to have a unique mix of authority over the technological aspects of crypto assets and blockchain, and their legal intricacies.


Services offered by the firm include the practice areas of digital assets, securities, and token offerings, fintech and crypto regulation, money transmitter licensing, corporate formation and taxation, blockchain and crypto advising, intellectual property rights, and fund formation and advertising. 


Anyone interested in availing or knowing more about the services of the firm can schedule a 30-minutes conversation with Tyler J. Harttraft, partner of the firm. Andrew Bull, the founder of the firm, and Tyler Harttraft, both come with a deep-rooted passion for the industry along with a vast experience of advising both US-based and international clients. 


The larger team that Bull Blockchain works with includes leading blockchain technology attorneys who have been featured in magazines like Forbes and other international legal publications. The firm has also been selected by the EU as a leading law firm in studying the legality, governance, and interoperability of blockchains and smart contracts.