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Blockchain Technology is breaking traditional industry barriers across the globe and is revolutionizing the way information is shared, secured and verified. 

Disruption from outgrowths including tokenization of digital assets and information transparency is just the beginning, and Bull Blockchain Law is at the forefront. 

The firm at Bull Blockchain Law includes lawyers, technologists and entrepreneurs. The attorneys began their journey on the technology side, running cryptocurrency mining farms and digital asset investment funds. It’s one of the few law firms completely focused on blockchain and cryptocurrency.

Rooted in a united passion for blockchain and cryptocurrency and a commitment to the highest standard for their clients, the Bull Blockchain Law firm brings regulatory clarity across many jurisdictions to ensure compliance with efficiency as the primary focus.  

Founded by Andrew Bull, Esq, this blockchain and cryptocurrency law firm works with digital assets, securities and token offerings as well as Fintech, fund formation/advising and data security and privacy. They also specialize in broker-dealer, money service business and money transmitter licensing. Of course, services include blockchain and crypto advising as well as business structuring/governance, taxation and intellectual property. 

The founder of the firm, Andrew Bull, focuses on technology-based transactions and provides legal advice and consultation to businesses and individuals operating in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industries.

First working with Bitcoin in 2011, Andrew’s background in blockchain includes business, legal and academic experience. His master’s thesis focused on the regulation of cryptocurrencies, and soon after he founded a digital asset investment fund and ran one of the first cryptocurrency mining companies in the U.S. Quickly becoming a legal thought leader on blockchain and cryptocurrency, Bull Blockchain Law was founded in direct response to the lack of legal clarity that existed. 

With Andrew at the helm, Bull Blockchain Law strives for advancement in the industry and believes bridging the gap between technology and law is essential to client success.