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Established in 2018 and headquartered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Bull Blockchain Law, LLP is essentially a cryptocurrency law firm focused on providing legal services to businesses in blockchain technology, digital assets, virtual currency activities, and other emerging technologies. It also specializes in tokenized investments, intellectual property, and ICO remediation. Among broader categories, the cryptocurrency law firm also addresses issues relating to corporate, security, internet advertising, and social media law. 


Founders Andrew Bull and Tyler Harttraft are experts in blockchain technology law and have vast experience in dealing with cryptocurrencies and blockchain. While Andrew is an expert on digital transactions, offering a unique interdisciplinary perspective in addressing client’s issues, Tyler helps navigate complicated federal regulations enforced by relevant agencies and overlapping state laws and regulations. 

Cryptocurrency Law Services

As a cryptocurrency law firm, Bull Blockchain Law deals in digital assets, securities, and token offerings. Digital assets are tokenized representations of economic rights. Bull Blockchain Law advises on the selection of jurisdiction when it comes to the offering of a digital asset. It also advises on the regulatory registration requirements essential for any entity looking to offer or purchase digital assets. These attorneys guide their clients through a variety of areas including security token offering, initial exchange offering, DeFi tokenization, ATS, broker-dealer, and exchange licensing, NFTs, and digital collectibles. 


The company has advised its clients on many STOs, including a $50 million STO launched by a Hong Kong Private Jet company and a $30 million STO where tokens represented fractional digital ownership of manufacturing and supply warehouses. The firm also helped a real estate company launch a $75 million STO backed by income-producing real estate properties located in the Dominican Republic. It also assisted a tokenization platform issue a $105 million commercial real estate fund available to investors through an STO. 


The blockchain and crypto advising service wing of the platform tackles the regulators on behalf of its clients. Owing to its experience of running mining and digital asset investment operations, the platform offers an optimal mix of legal and tech expertise. The attorneys of the firm are highly specialized subject matter experts in the areas of corporate governance, securities, Fintech, and IP. Combined with their blockchain knowledge, they are in the perfect position to deal with regulators of all types. 


The technology areas covered by the firm include distributed ledger technology, smart contracts, public and private blockchain consulting, tokenization, information and security, and supply chain.