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Market researchers predict explosive growth for the global blockchain market in the years to come. According to their projection, the market will attain a size of US$394.60 billion by 2028, growing at a CAGR of 82.4% between 2021 and 2028. 


Leading financial institutions, high net individuals, venture capitalists, retail traders – all sorts of financial market stakeholders are keen to leverage the growth the blockchain market presents in front of them.


Traditional financial institutions joining the market would lead to further streamlining of the market that rests on an emerging and evolving technology. New legal paradigms will come into play, with regulators and government agencies trying to shape this market within the known contours of transactional dynamics. Blockchain companies will invariably be required to comply with an increased set of rules, regulations, and guidelines. Resultantly, these companies will require legal consultants and experts more and more. 

Bull Blockchain Law Firm: Catering to the Growing Demand for Legal Experts


Based out of Philadelphia, PA, USA, Bull Blockchain Law firm is a blockchain and cryptocurrency firm that offers a wide range of services, addressing the needs of a burgeoning blockchain market. It provides legal consultation and guidance in the areas of digital assets, securities, and token offerings, crypto exchange regulation, blockchain and crypto advertising, and many other adjacent areas that go into making a crypto business structurally sound and operationally foolproof. Andrew Bull, Tyler Harttraft, and Rick Tapia are the three prominent faces from the legal world controlling the charge of the firm in different capacities. 


As the founding partner of Philadelphia’s first blockchain and cryptocurrency law firm, Andrew draws from his years of experience in the field to offer services that will be affordable and focus on the tech and legal perspectives with equal intensity. Apart from blockchain, cryptocurrency, security tokens, and exchanges, Bull also specializes in the more tech-intensive areas of mining, decentralized protocols, and digital asset funds. He also advises on intellectual property laws, immensely essential for an innovation-heavy field like blockchain.


Tyler Harttraft, the partner of Bull Blockchain Law Firm, has vast experience in advising domestic and international companies on compliance requirements for blockchain and digital assets, crucial for them to steer through the requirements of multiple regulatory agencies, such as the FinCEN, the SEC, and the CFTC  


Bull Blockchain Law firm, over the past years, has managed to build a strong ecosystem and service network by partnering with well-known firms in the field, such as Securitize, iComply, BlockDrop, Verify, BitcoinIRA, Stonegate, Nexus, and Vegawallet. 


The firms that Bull Blockchain works with also results in an impressive list, with companies like Enigma, Avitas Wealth Management, Bitroyal, Vectorspace, INDX, Cybermillions, Shardus, and many more.