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The field of blockchain is an area that attracts all the limelight due to its technological prowess. But, since it is an evolving field, the legal structure around blockchain, in terms of its governing regulations, state and federal laws, is complex and difficult to steer through for a technocrat. It is why a cryptocurrency law firm is as vital for the industry as any other component of the industry. Bull Blockchain Law Firm, based out of Philadelphia, PA, is one such cryptocurrency law firm that has already made a distinct name for itself. 

The Services of Bull Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Law Firm


What is unique and enticing about Bull Blockchain is that it deals with the entire Blockchain ecosystem and not only the techno-legal parts of it. For instance, it advises on the legal aspects of digital assets, securities, and token offerings. It deals in the areas of data security and privacy. While these are areas directly related to the crypto industry, the firm also takes care of the broader jurisdictions that help prepare the contours of the industry. 


For instance, it practices in the areas of fintech, business structuring and governance, taxation, intellectual property, fund formation and advertising, intellectual property, and more.


Though Bull Blockchain Law LLP follows the model of a boutique firm, it has already handled a volume of more than $360 million in a digital securities offering. In its team of lawyers, technologists, and entrepreneurs, many internationally recognized names frequently get profiled in Forbes and other international legal publications of repute. 


Standing testimony to the thought leadership capabilities of Bull’s leadership, the cryptocurrency law firm has already been selected by the European Commission as a US representative in the study of legality, governance, and interoperability of smart contracts and blockchains.

The Leaders and How to Get in Touch With Them


Andrew Bull, the founder of the firm, and Tyler Harttraft, the partner, both have wide experience in the field. The strength of Andrew Bull stems from his direct association with the industry. Andrew was one of the first few to run a crypto mining company in the US. Andrew also founded a digital asset investment fund. What Andrew, therefore, brings to the table is a unique combination of theoretical knowledge, best-in-class thought leadership, and know-how of the practical nuances. 


Tyler, on the other hand, is an expert advisor on how to deal with existing regulations and compliance requirements, especially when it comes to agencies like the FinCEN, the SEC, the CFTC, and more. 


Talking to Bull Blockchain is easy. All you need to do is book a 30-minutes consultation call with Tyler via Zoom via the company website.