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Blockchain Legal Services is an area that is immensely crucial for crypto enterprises. The evolving nature of the business and changing regulations across the world require that you know what legal rules you need to comply with to operate in specific geographies. There are very few experts in the area who can guide you through this complex world of blockchain legalities. Bull Blockchain Law is definitely one of them. 

Bull Blockchain Legal Services: Practice Areas

There is hardly any area that Bull Blockchain does not deal with when it comes to offering a comprehensive package of blockchain legal services. Their services involve digital assets, securities, and token offerings, broker-dealer, money service business and money transmitter licensing, and other relevant fintech aspects. Areas that come under its service jurisdiction are not necessarily that involve finance and technology. It also advises businesses on blockchain and crypto advising, data security and privacy, business structuring and governance, taxation, intellectual property rights, fund formation, and advising. 


Although Bull Blockchain operates as a boutique firm, its perspective is global and so is its service reach. The company has dealt with more than $360 million in digital securities offerings. Its team of attorneys comprises the leaders in the world of blockchain technology, who have featured in several international legal publications, like Forbes. The European Union commission selected it as the US law firm pioneering in the areas of legality, governance, and interoperability of blockchains and smart contracts. 


Some of the leading crypto services companies around the world complement the services offered by Bull Blockchain by working as its partners. These companies include Securitize, Stonegate, Verify, BitcoinIRA, iComply, BlockDrop, Nexus, VegaWallet, Wave Financial, and more. 

The Team

The core team of Bull Blockchain includes its founding member Andrew Bull and partner Tyler Harttraft. Law clerk Rick Tapia and Paralegal Andrew Schoen enrich Bull Blockchain’s services further. 


Andrew Bull is a well-revered thought leader in the field of blockchain legal services. His experience is unique as it involves a mix of first-hand business knowledge along with the necessary backing of the legal and academic. Andrew had founded a digital asset investment fund and was also among the very selected few to run one of the first crypto mining companies in the US.


Tyler Harttraft advises global and US-based clients on blockchain technology and digital assets, helping them steer through complex federal regulations enforced by FinCEN, the SEC, and the CFTC, and other state laws and regulations that overlap each other.