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The market of cryptocurrency is a continuously evolving one. There is a consistent inflow of new projects with new technological paradigms. While the number of crypto assets has already crossed the mark of 11,300, the number of exchanges dealing with these assets has gone past 390. Launching your project or a new asset, or setting up an exchange in such a diverse and fragmented market can become immensely complicated if you do not have enough legal knowledge on how the systems work around crypto-assets. You need an experienced law firm that knows the industry in and out. And, when it comes to such law firms, one name that comes at the top of our mind is Bull Blockchain Law


Diverse Expertise


The services offered by Bull Blockchain are wide-ranging and cover all the practice areas that you will have to potentially address. The firm addresses legal procedures surrounding digital assets, securities, and token offerings; broker-dealer, MSB, and money-transmitter licensing; blockchain and crypto advertising; data security and privacy; fintech; business structuring and governance taxation; intellectual property and fund formation and advertising. 


The firm has its partnership with a solid set of renowned crypto players, including Securitize, Stonegate, Verify, BitcoinIRA, iComply, BlockDrop, Nexus, VegaWallet, and Wave Financial. 


The Bull Blockchain Law firm team includes leading blockchain attorneys whose writings or profiles have featured in many international legal publications like Forbes. The team has experience handling more than $360 million in digital security offerings and consists of industry thought leaders who have been selected by the EU commission as representatives of such a US law firm that has led the study of legality, governance, and interoperability of blockchains and smart contracts. 


The Team


As its founding partner, Andrew Bull leads the firm with specialized knowledge in technology-based transactions. Andrew advises businesses and individuals, operating in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry, on a wide range of issues with an interdisciplinary perspective. Apart from his academic foothold in the area of crypto and blockchain, Bull’s expertise also stems from his first-hand knowledge of establishing a digital asset investment fund and running one of the first cryptocurrency mining companies in the United States. 


Tyler Harttraft, one of the partners of the firm, advises his clients on a diverse set of legal areas including commercial transactions, protective website policies, and brand protection strategies. Tyler’s guidance also helps navigate the firm’s clients through intricate federal regulations set up by the FinCEN, the SEC, and the CFTC, along with state laws and regulations.


You can book a 30-minutes consultation with Tyler to get the initial advice you want through web conferencing.