Crypto Fund Formation Guidance from Investment Fund Attorneys

Bull Blockchain Law and its team are recognized as experts and thought leaders in the emerging market for cryptocurrency fund formation, investing, distribution and administration.

With deep knowledge and experience in digital-asset investment funds, we advise clients focused on digital assets with varied investment strategies regarding blockchain assets, cryptocurrencies, and other digital assets and exchanges, including domestic and offshore exchanges, initial coin offerings, existing and established coins and other assets.

And with the industry and its related rules and regulations constantly evolving, it’s crucial that you select an experienced firm that focuses on staying current so that the digital-asset investment fund legal advice is grounded on the most recent developments.

A selection of the digital-asset investment fund issues that our investment fund attorneys assist clients with include:


     Assistance with critical decisions regarding fund formation and options regarding governance

      Ensuring compliance in regards to regulatory agencies with securities, tax and real estate laws and regulations

      Understanding and advising regarding all kinds of domestic and foreign fund types and structures including master-feeder funds, mini-master funds, venture capital, fund of funds, private equity, evergreen and growth equity

      Drafting and advising on limited partner and third-party contracts, including, but not limited to, limited partnership agreements, investment management agreements, broker-dealer agreements and more.

      Providing investment fund strategies for tax neutral jurisdictions, such as the Cayman Islands, British Virgin Islands, and elsewhere

      Advising on key federal regulations (e.g. the Investment Company Act of 1940 and the Investment Advisers Act of 1940) and state securities and financial laws applicable to funds and their managers


With the dynamic growth of the digital-asset industry and all the ways an investment fund can proceed, it’s incumbent on fund managers to be extremely conservative before moving forward to launch and handle a digital-asset fund.



The focused attorneys at Bull Blockchain Law, with a breadth and depth of digital-asset experience, can lead and advise clients through forming and properly setting up a legally-compliant, open or closed end, digital-asset investment fund. 

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