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Crypto is a very complicated and increasingly regulated industry with numerous state and federal agencies continuing working to regulate Bitcoin, alt-coins such as Ethereum, and virtual tokens. 

You need an experienced legal firm that works hard to keep up with new developments to ensure you remain compliant.

Bull Blockchain Law is a team of attorneys and experts in the field who provide clients with thorough guidance for their crypto projects, from investigations to compliance.

They ensure that you have all bases covered when it comes down to handling these new types of investments or tokens so they can be properly handled without fear there will come any unexpected consequences down the road.

Bull Blockchain Law has been working with virtual-token issuers to make sure they are in compliance with all state and federal securities, commodities ,and money services laws. Clients sometimes need help understanding cryptocurrency specific regulations like New York’s BitLicence framework so a lawyer’s job entails doing an extensive amount of research on these topics.

Bull Blockchain’s legal counselors are experienced professionals who have a deep understanding of the cryptographic, regulatory and tax consequences that arise when it comes to cryptocurrencies. Clients rely on our team for protection from any repercussions they may face as punishment. Bull Blockchain also helps you address privacy concerns surrounding transactions in this new digital world.

There are also many agreements that need to be negotiated when it comes to coin mining, buying and selling of Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. The team at Bull Blockchain will discuss what you can do if there’s an issue with your share within a business entity.

Advising on legality and traceability of blockchain assets, Bull Blockchain employs their deep knowledge in digital-asset legal compliance on behalf of clients as well as their vast network of professional connections.

Bull Blockchain also employs the most reputable blockchain investigators to track every bit of information available on a blockchain. 

The forensics legal experts at Bull Blockchain can also author legal opinions and investigative reports.