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Bull Blockchain Law offers affordable legal services to those involved or looking to enter the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Industries. Our experience with exchanges, wallets, miners, tokens, and decentralized protocols allows us to offer a unique set of services. 

Community Based.


As a small boutique firm, Bull Blockchain Law is deeply involved in the local Blockchain Community in Philadelphia, New York, and D.C. Organizing and Sponsoring Events to Solve the Educational Hurdle for anyone looking to enter the space. 

Why Us?


Our experience began with Bitcoin in 2011, and moved into Blockchain as it became apparent distributed public ledgers would change the way third party intermediaries function. This deep understanding affords us an advantage over typical firms. 

Andrew Bull, Esquire.



Andrew is well known in the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency space as an advocate for clear regulatory frameworks to ensure those entering and operating in this industry are well equipped. A long term crypto enthusiast, Andrew strives to bring his multi-year experience to clients in a clear and concise manner. 

Tyler Harttraft, Esquire.

Tyler Harttraft, Esquire - Blockchain Attorney


Tyler advises individuals and companies working on a variety of projects, lending advice regarding securities compliance, intellectual property protection and corporate legal matters. An author on cryptocurrency regulation and a board adviser to a legal tech start-up, Tyler enjoys working closely with passionate clients to ensure their businesses are legally sound.

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