We are pleased to announce that a-Qube has partnered up with Bull Blockchain Law who will work in synergy with us to comply with existing regulations and allow our community to join our vision in a secure, empowering way.

Bull Blockchain Law, LLC is Philadelphia’s first blockchain and cryptocurrency law firm which offers legal services tailored to the unique needs of each project working with blockchain technology. Bull Blockchain Law understands how blockchain technology works and closely follows what is happening in this domain in different sectors, particularly in the financial sector. Their lawyers have extensive experience in identifying and managing the legal risks that may arise from innovative technologies or business models, and with the support of their experts, Andrew Bull and Tyler Harttraft, they assist a-Qube with identifying legal risks and understanding the legal boundaries our technology must operate within.

“a-Qube have the vision to create a more welcoming, open ecosystem based on ideas, innovation and collaboration — and for doing so, we need to be able to “build a place where ideas have value” coping with the real-world, both in legal and regulatory terms. Not only Tyler and Andrew have the expertise and technical understanding about Blockchain/DLT industry necessary to support this vision, but also the passion and personal approach which we were looking for in a long-term legal partner to trust and to share our journey with,” said Alex, the Founder & CEO of a-Qube.

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