Our attorneys litigate on behalf of businesses and consumers. For businesses, the regulatory landscape faced by blockchain start-ups, financial technology companies, and innovative financial institutions can be a minefield, and these companies can quickly find themselves embroiled in litigation across opportunistic litigants. It is vitally important for founders, executives and principals to be aware of their personal and business risk exposure at all times. For consumers, the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry has provided significant exposure to fraudulent schemes and negligent business practices.

The attorneys at Bull Blockchain Law have fought back against regulatory agencies and opportunistic litigants to preserve the rights of commercial clients. In turn, we have also advocated on behalf of consumers subjected to fraud and irresponsible business practices. Our experience defending corporate clients has provided our attorneys with a sophisticated understanding of complex regulations that apply to virtual currency and FinTech businesses so that we can also diligently protect consumers from injurious and predatory business operations.

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