Digital Assets, Securities and Token Offerings

The rapid growth of Digital Assets presents businesses and individuals with many legal questions. A Digital Asset, i.e., a Security Token, is a tokenized, digital form of a traditional security. Generally, Digital Assets are tokenized representations of some form of economic right, e.g., equity, debt, or dividends. 

Considering which jurisdiction to offer a Digital Asset as well as what regulatory registration requirements are needed is essential to any entity looking to offer and/or purchase Digital Assets. Our Attorneys are here to guide you through these complex topics. 


  • Security Token Offering (“STO”)
  • Initial Exchange Offering (“IEO”)
  • Decentralized Finance (“DeFi”) Tokenization
  • Regulation D, S, CF, and A(+)
  • International Offerings, IPOs, SPACs
  • ATS, Broker-Dealer, and Exchange Licensing
  • NFTs and Digital Collectables

Offering Highlights: 

  • Real Estate Company Launched $75 million STO backed by income-producing Real Estate Properties located in the Dominican Republic. With $200 million of assets under management, this offering was one of the first real estate offerings using blockchain technology. 
  • Tokenization Platform issues $105 million Commercial Real Estate Fund. The fund is available to investors through a STO, where tokens are backed by “cash-flowing” commercial real estate in the United States.
  • Hong Kong Private Jet Company launches $50 million STO to allow investors the opportunity to have a digital ownership in certain Company owned business aircrafts and the future profitability of the Company’s fleet of private jets. 
  • Blockchain gaming Company launches $5 million STO representing equity of the Company owning the online game intellectual property. 
  • Hong Kong Company launches $30 million STO with the tokens representing fractionalized digital ownership in the Company-owned manufacturing and supply warehouses. 

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