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Since 2018, our attorneys have advised blockchain gaming companies on important regulatory, corporate, and intellectual property matters. We advise clients across the digital asset and Web3 industry, including tech start-ups, protocol developers, marketplaces, venture capital and investment funds, decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs), cryptocurrency miners, and financial institutions.

Our attorneys provide legal solutions to clients conducting deals in the Web3 gaming niche, counseling game developers and investors on token incentive models, venture financing, business structuring, and taxation issues. Our attorneys regularly analyze the effects of U.S. and international regulations on various gaming models, incentive systems, stablecoins, NFTs, DAOs, and other novel legal issues concepts. 

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Establishing Media Rights for NFT Artwork: A Guide for Artists

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SEC Alleges NFTs Are Securities In Two Recent Enforcement Actions

It’s September 2023, and the SEC has come for NFTs. Last month, the SEC announced a $6 million settlement with Impact Theory LLC in connection with its unregistered offering and sale of NFTs in which it raised approximately $30 million for the development of its media business. On September 13th, the SEC fined SC2, the entity behind the popular and celebrity-backed web series Stoner Cats, ...
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ALERT: NFT Marketplaces and the Shifting Regulatory Environment

Technology platforms are empowering content creators by allowing them access to a borderless marketplace, and NFT marketplaces similarly allow artists to tap into a global pool of prospective purchasers to sell unique digital versions of art work, videos, and audio files. But when markets expand rapidly and money moves with velocity, regulators take notice so it is not a surprise ...
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