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Are you looking for a blockchain law firm? While the practice area still sounds niche, Bull Blockchain Law LLP, based out of Philadelphia, PA, has already become a brand in itself. To date, it has dealt in a volume of more than $360 million in digital security offerings. It has gained international recognition from its association with leading blockchain attorneys who feature frequently in global publications like Forbes. The blockchain law firm has also been selected by the EU commission to represent the US in leading the study relating to legality, governance, and interoperability of smart contracts and blockchains. 

The Areas of Specialization


Bull Blockchain covers the entire possible range of crypto-legality. It works in the areas of digital assets, securities, and token offerings; broker-dealer, money service business, and money transmitter licensing; blockchain and crypto advising; data security and privacy; fintech; business structuring, governance, and taxation and fund formation and advising. Additionally, it also deals in intellectual property laws and regulations that hold much importance for a newly evolving field such as blockchain.


It has formed valuable partnerships with some of the leading brands in the crypto-world and otherwise. These brands include Securitize, Stonegate, Verify, BitcoinIRA, comply, BlockDrop, Nexus, VegaWallet, and Wave. 

The Core Team and its Expertise


The core team of Bull Blockchain Law firm comprises some of the most well-known and experienced thought leaders in the industry. Andrew Bull, Esq, the founding member of the firm, is an expert in technology-based transactions and has holistic experience in all areas of blockchain, including business, legal, and academic. He was also responsible for running one of the first crypto-mining companies in the US. That time, Andrew observed a lack of legal clarity in the industry and felt the need to set up the firm. 


Tyler J.Harttraft is Andrew’s partner in the initiative, who regularly advises global and US-based clients on regulatory and compliance issues about the technological areas of blockchain and digital assets. The cryptocurrency industry is a newly emerging space, and its founders, mostly technocrats, often lack proper guidance on federal regulations, such as those implemented by FinCEN, the SEC, and the CFTC. Tyler’s advice becomes especially useful in these times. 


It is easy getting in touch with Bull Blockchain Law. Anyone can select a date and time from Tyler’s calendar and schedule a 30-minutes consultation through a phone call held via Zoom.