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The field of NFT attorneys is getting crowded, with many lawyers jumping in to take advantage of the growing number of individuals and companies getting involved in non-fungible tokens, or NFTs.

As such, it may be hard to determine who to choose when looking to select a top-rated NFT attorney from all those available throughout the country to guide you through this ever-evolving industry.

Here are some good questions to ask:

How long has the NFT attorney you are considering been working in blockchain and NFT’s?

A lot of NFT attorneys are new to the field and lack the depth of knowledge necessary to adequately understand all the regulations and nuances of this new industry and therefore cannot be considered among the country’s top-rated attorneys.

Are they a thought leader in the NFT field?

Since it’s such a relatively new field, the top-rated NFT attorneys are sharing their knowledge and speaking at conferences, participate as part of panels, and author very informative NFT blogs. Multiple speaking engagements is a good indication that he or she is well regarded among their legal peers and/or within the NFT and blockchain industry.

Do they have any other relevant background?

Does the lawyer or team you’re considering have any other experience beyond law? Have they been in business prior? Since NFT’s biggest implications lie within companies, it’s helpful for your team of attorneys to understand them from this perspective.

How many different clients have they worked with?

Have the attorney’s you’re considering worked with just one individual or company prior, or has it been many? Just like going to a physician, you want a top-rated NFT attorney experienced in the relevant aspect.

What part of the blockchain or NFT industry have their clients come from?

If you want to work with NFTs in the real estate industry, and the lawyer you are interviewing has only done work with art NFTs, you’ll need to find one that’s experienced in your specific area.

Will you work with a senior member of the firm?

Is the work being done by a senior partner or experienced lawyer within the firm, or will it be handed to a junior lawyer who may understand it, but not have the depth of experience you require. Ideally, you will find a small firm specializing in blockchain technology and NFTs so you will have your needs met by one of the principals.

How many clients will your lawyer be working with simultaneously?

No matter how good your lawyer is, you want to ensure that your case and needs remain a priority and that they are not overbooked. This will also help ensure you receive the answers you need in a timely manner.

At Bull Blockchain Law, the attorneys rank well on all these questions and more. With backgrounds as entrepreneurs, frequent speakers and focusing exclusively on blockchain technology including NFTs, they are definitely among the country’s top-rated attorneys.